4 Health Benefits of Trampolines

4 Health Benefits of Trampolines

4 Health Benefits of Trampolines

Trampolines are for everyone. The continuous bouncing motion of jumping on a trampoline has numerous health benefits. These health benefits make jumping on trampolines beneficial for many people, regardless of age.

The Health Benefits

1) Lower Impact.

While jumping on a trampoline, the jumping mat moves with you when you land. This reduces the impact. Unlike other cardiovascular fitness, such as jogging, it is easier on your joints (ankles, knees, and hips). As you know, jumping increases your heart and breath rage; this increases your overall cardiovascular fitness level when performed regularly with moderate to vigorous intensity. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests Americans have 150 minutes a week of moderate-intense exercise. 

2) Increase Lymphatic Function

Improving the lymphatic system is one of the greatest benefits of jumping on a trampoline. The lymphatic system plays a crucial part in immunity, bathing cells throughout the body in lymph fluid to collect cellular waste and move it toward th correct waste removal system, be it skin, lungs, liver, or kidneys. 
The lymphatic system runs vertically with the extremities, but unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump to continue lymphatic fluid and waste products moving.
The system requires muscular contraction to move the waste away from the extremities. Practically any exercise can assist in generating this movement, but the up and down jumping on a trampoline is especially effective. This keeps waste moving, removing toxins from the body, and increasing immune function.

3) Increased Balance and Coordination

A lot of people have a hard time maintaining balance the first several times they jump on a trampoline; but, jumping on a trampoline is rather beneficial for increasing balance and coordination in general. 
While jumping, your body lifts off of the mat in different angles. Sometimes you go in directions you didn't anticipate or jumped harder than expected. You may even land on one foot with more weight than the other. To adjust to these unexpected movements, your body needs to locate its center of gravity and "re-balance" before you land again. With some practice, you will increase your ability to maintain equilibrium regardless of unexpected movement patterns. You will also be able to 

4) It's Fun

Jumping on a trampoline is enjoyable. You feel like your flying and that is rewarding in and of itself. When you do something for fun you're more likely to stick with it. 
Furthermore, a 2014 study by Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that individuals who thought of physical activity as exercise are more likely to eat more afterward, be more fatigued, and less satisfied with their workout. Those, on the other hand, who thought as physical activity as entertainment at less after their activity.
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