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Trampoline Ladder 2-Step with Safety Latch

Jump Slider Trampoline Slide - Better Than a Ladder

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Do you need a trampoline ladder for your toddler? Are you worried about them getting injured on traditional trampoline ladders? Need something a bit more fun for your back yard?
Our Trampoline Slide is a great trampoline ladder alternative. Easier to climb, for younger kids, than a ladder.
  • Benefits:

    • Safer than traditional trampoline ladders
    • More fun than traditional trampoline ladders
    • Doubles as a trampoline slide (just slide down the middle)
    • Child can grab the sides of the climber to get up.
    • UV and Mother Nature Resistant Materials 


  • Company Backed Product Satisfaction

    • Lifetime parts warranty.
    • American based customer service



    Fits ALL mass market

    • Trampolines (Except for Spring-Free)
    • Frame Sizes (8ft -15ft)


    This works with all standard trampoline brands, including:

    • Walmart
    • Sams Club
    • Target
    • Skywalker
    • Propel
    • Zupapa
    • Vuly
    • Exacme
    • Amazon
    • Target
    • Jumpking
    • Upperbounce
    • Alleyoop
    • Jumpzone
    • BouncePro
    • Skybound
    • Jumpzone
    • And more!