Kiwano K01+ — One Wheel Electric Scooter

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The Kiwano K01+ electric scooter is an incredible riding experience. With a powerful electric motor, natural responsive body control, and smooth braking. Kiwano K01+  comes packed with a long range battery pack, water resistant electronics, advanced connectivity, high-tech custom motor, and advanced material construction.

  • PERFORMANCE — 13 mile range. 12 MPH max speed. Handles 20% incline. Max Load 265 pounds.
  • MULTI-MODE  Kiwano is equipped with a self-balancing standby mode for easy movement. Choose between Basic mode for learning and Advanced mode for better performance. Adjust the tilt of the Kiwano between 0 degrees and 20 degrees for custom ride style.
  • ONE WHEEL  Requires balance and skill to ride, but is extremely fun.
  • RISK FREE  Don't like the Kiwano Scooter? Return it within 30 days of purchase.
  • QUESTIONS? — Reach our Utah customer support team at (385) 333-8349  or
  • Fast recharger included.