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Bull Mesa Electric Power Tongue Jack 3500LB


Bull Mesa Electric Power Tongue Jack 3500LB is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • MAKES LIFTING EASY – Say goodbye to cranking your manual jack. With the push of an ergonomic switch, you can raise or lower your a-frame trailer in a fraction of the time manual cranking would take and not even break a sweat. But hey, if you really want exercise…or to teach a skill to the next generation…or need a manual override, there’s a hand-crank too. Barring all that, just push the button and watch it work.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND ELEGANT – Our portable RV/Trailer Electric Tongue Jack is heavy duty, resistant to inclement weather and space-savingly slim. It is built to last for years of proper use, and it’s black, sleek design will look great with whatever you hoist with it The real question is whether it most resembles a seahorse, a sci-fi alien, or a robo-droid.
  • EASY TO INSTALL — Installing your power tongue jack is fast and simple. The 2.25” post diameter matches the industry standard tongue jack size, so it’s easy to install into existing jack mounting holes. Kit Includes Star Washers, mounting hardware, pins, and manual crank handle. Tip: You may need to sand the surface around the A-frame’s bolt holes (to expose bare metal) prior to installing the mounting plate may help ensure a solid electrical connection for proper grounding.
  • OPERATE SAFELY AND EASILY – Integrated LED lights on the electric trailer jack illuminate the ball and coupler, making night-time hookup safe and easy. The built-in circuit breaker will cut power automatically in case of overload. Wear hand and eye protection when operating jack. Keep electrical connections free of moisture. Make sure to fully secure the pin in the foot assembly.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Bull Mesa’s 3500 LB electric power tongue trailer jack is powered by 12V DC steel gear motor with a 25A circuit-breaker. Power is supplied via a 7-pin vehicle trailer connector plug on a 48" #12-gauge power cord. The adjustable foot gives you one of four trailer connection heights, 9.5”, 11”, 12.5”, or 14”, and the jack offers 18” of vertical travel.